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Charity Partner of the Month

River Center for Performing Arts

900 Broadway, Columbus, GA   31901

(706) 256-3612


As a private non-profit, RiverCenter is the only organization in our area, presenting professional national touring arts programming. Each season, RiverCenter is directly responsible for programming 20-30 major productions (national Broadway tours, bands, children’s programming, lectures, etc.).  Past performances at RiverCenter have been: 

    • Gladys Knight, Jerry Seinfeld, Lyle Lovett, Riverdance
    • Broadway's best:  Anastasia, Hairspray, My Fair Lady, Tootsie


The cost of shows range anywhere from $25,000 to over $120,000 per production.  Ticket purchases cover only a fraction of the expenses to bring such fantastic entertainment to the area.  Therefore, RiverCenter relies heavily on the generosity of our amazing sponsors, members and general donations to ensure we have the ability to enrich the culture of our region for years to come.

RiverCenter annually originates three or more national theatrical tours.  Companies bring artists, creatives, key technicians-all cast/crew required to prepare for a show, to rehearse, prepare and launch their NATIONAL tour from Columbus. Not only will Columbus area audiences be the first to see these productions, but they also: 

    • Bring a positive economic impact at approximately $1.5 million per show
    • Consume 1,000+ hotel nights, supporting the hotel/motel tax & industry; support the existing work force & provide new employment opportunities in technical theater production
    • Spark new economy activity while giving the community access to shows that bring high caliber performances

As the hub of the Uptown arts and entertainment district, majestic RiverCenter building stands as a symbol of cultural accessibility, community pride & prosperity.  RiverCenter consistently improves the community’s quality of life, provides affordable entertainment and education opportunities, increases traffic and aids local businesses when attracting talent to the region. 


Ways you can support RiverCenter:  www.rivercenter.org/support